Wall Street here i come

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Mark McStevens was a 22 year old young man living in the suburbs of Northern Glasgow. Mark was just an ordinary young man spending his time playing soccer for the local football team, studying at the local university in Glasgow and spending time with his friends and occasionally enjoying a beer at his favourite local pub. But Mark was an adventurous nature and had a great passion for the financial market. His major at the university was “Stock Trading Strategies and Investing Strategies” and in his dreams he pictured himself operating for one of the large investing companies at Wall Street, trading stocks and planning investment strategies. His passion for stock trading began when he saw the movie from 1987 “Wall Street” starring Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen. He was fascinated by the hectic lifestyle and the many opportunities for fast wealth and since then he had been dreaming about being the biggest stock trader of them all ruling Wall Street in New York.